For today’s sophisticated consumer, beauty, cleanliness, and comfort simply aren’t enough. When they travel—the reason they travel—is to experience an environment that’s unlike any other, to feel the soul of a place.

At Anthologist, we take a barebox space and turn it into an evocative, heart-stopping, and soul-stirring environment—whether that’s an entire property or a corner of a hotel that has been sitting empty. When we’re through, these unfinished or neglected spaces generate not just revenue but reverence, and become places worthy of pilgrimage, reasons to travel unto themselves.


Authenticity is the soul of hospitality, which means that the storytelling doesn’t stop once the environment is finished. In fact, it’s just beginning. Telling a compelling story about your brand not only guides the design of your space, it also enables your guest to understand and engage with your product—and gives the media something to write about to draw future visitors.Drawing on our vast PR expertise, Anthologist will work with you to visualize and narrate your story, romantically and clearly, at whatever stage of you find yourself in, from launching or reimagining a business to spreading the word about a new venue, redesign, or experience.


An idea can start anywhere—it can come from a place, a person, or an experience, such as a long lunch by the sea in a simple Greek taverna, which inspires the spirit and sensibility of a new gastronomy concept. Perhaps you have a full-fledged story already, and just want help turning it into a reality. Or maybe it’s an idea that needs fleshing out. You may even be starting from zero, a blank slate. Whatever the case, our network of journalists and design talent help you turn a hope into a vision, a vision into a concept, and a concept into a reality. We’re here to help you tell your story.


In a hotel, restaurant, boutique—even in the world at large—we believe that every item should have both purpose and meaning. The plate on the table, the sash on a waiter’s uniform, the throw on the bed, even the do-not-disturb sign on your hotel room door. Each and every object is part of fabric of the story we weave for you. Anthologist procures exceptional artifacts and one-of-a-kind pieces of unparalleled quality, honoring handiwork by seeking out and collaborating with a creative colony of accomplished craftspeople and material artists.

Preservation and heritage are the pillars of our design philosophy. We’ve been known to track down the cryptic copper artisan in Mexico to craft bespoke vases for your hotel. But we also embrace innovation, bridging ancient technique with modern technology, such as working alongside master ceramicists to design commercial-grade plates for your restaurant. Our repertoire includes:

  • Antiques and Vintage
  • Furniture
  • Soft goods and textiles (both commercial grade and décor-exclusive)
  • Decorative Arts/Objets d’art
  • FF&E
  • OS&E
  • Bespoke

“Empty space is empty revenue, as is that top-to-toe marble-clad soulless bar

that’s in the middle of a hotel because the owner once thought it looked expensive.

Tell a story, fill it with beautiful, relevant things and trust me: they will come, spend, share and return.”

-Anthologist Founder, Andria Mitsakos

Whether the venue is a restaurant, shop, or entire resort, we set the scene and amplify ambience, combining history, setting, and design into an environment that’s an escape unto itself. We add color and detail to our clients’ visions and turn them into realities that transport guests into a shared dream.