"If you know me well, you know that if I’m in a restaurant and there is something not relevant on a table, I’ll ask for it to be removed. So when asked to source the cover plate for this Mykonian beach club, I knew it had to be custom and reflect an ancient reference of the Cycladic islands which was also incorporated into the logo mark."

-Anthologist Founder, Andria Mitsakos

Please note that Anthologist only created the cover plate for this venue. It was not involved in any current interior design.

SantAnna Beach Club

Mykonos, Greece

Not just a place to bask in the sun, SantAnna Beach Club is an ode to the island of Mykonos.

Anthologist drew inspiration from the ancient Cycladic “frying pan” design, with each spiral of the logo reflecting the land, sea, and earth of the island.

To create a fitting frame for the farm-to-beach-bar cuisine with a modern Greek accent, we designed and manufactured some of the tableware  in collaboration with artisans in Athens, exemplifying Anthologist’s belief that the details tell the story.

Scope of Work

  • Custom Ceramics/OS&E
  • Logo story
  • Cover plate design, manufacturing with local ceramicist in Athens, Greece.