"I love anything whimsical, yet I fall in love with a project when hotels have the confidence to play on that whimsy. Stimulating imagination is part of the allure of staying in a hotel in the first place. From Mexico to Mallorca, Panito is one happy goat, and a charming, glorious creature."

-Anthologist Founder, Andria Mitsakos

Bikini Hotels

Mallorca, Spain

A goat with a story.

Anthologist’s founder created Panito as a gift for a friend, after a sourcing trip in Mexico led her to begin working with a sustainable women’s collaborative which made stuffed animals using traditional methods of boiled wool and hand-dyed threads. The friend fell in love, touting Panito to everyone he met during his travels, and then life took its course, as it often does. And Panito became one well-traveled goat in the meantime. 

Bikini Mallorca was in the market for a turn-down gift, and with wild goats roaming up to the front door of the resort, the darling creature seen throughout the Spanish countryside seemed a perfect mascot.

Scope of Work

  • Custom item