"This personal project has been a dream come true. I love every single thing in this cottage, and the stories they tell. The soul of this space, the light, and most of all, the vibe—it feels like home. I’ve been called a maximalist in my aesthetic; I like to say I’m seeking something for the eye to sing with (perhaps because I can’t carry a tune). The rhythm of how the eye moves from texture to color, and how it translates that happy message to the brain—it’s a bit like listening to a love song."

-Anthologist Founder, Andria Mitsakos

Farmhouse Renovation

Paros, Greece

Anthologist’s heart: a farmhouse full of stories.

It’s true that even small private spaces can be vast playgrounds for the imagination—just look at this home for Anthologist’s founder. In summer, 2019, Andria Mitsakos began the renovation of a 50sqm (538 sq foot) farmhouse in the Xifara area of Paros, surrounded by golden fields, goats, sheep, geese, and the rhythmic cicadas. Mitsakos was dedicated to preserving the rustic authenticity of the space, while incorporating her love of color, texture, antiques, and whimsical accents.

Sourcing antique, vintage objects and textiles all over the country, Mitsakos designed custom furnishings crafted in Athens and Paros, Greece, making the most of the space by emphasizing folkloric tradition and innovative design. Every piece in the cottage is either antique, or custom-designed by Mitsakos, and all are chosen with an eye to combining functionality and delight. Each item has a reason to be there, a relevance to the setting or spirit of the place, and, combined with the rest of the interior, an almost magical effect on the mood of everyone who enters.

Scope of Work

  • Interior Design
  • Product Design
  • Sourcing/Manufacturing