“Authenticity is the soul of hospitality.”   

Andria Mitsakos, Founder, Anthologist

A secret-source shop for design aficionados. 

A positive-impact brand inspired by cultural preservation, 

authentic experiences, artisanal talents and one-of-a-kind places. 

An inspiration-to-implementation concept creator and the ultimate source for hotels, restaurants, and hospitality venues.

Anthologist is all of the above, and a masterclass

in the art of using objects to tell a story.



When the world stopped traveling and hunkered down at home, travel publicist and world wanderer Andria Mitsakos found herself on lockdown in Greece, renovating a farmhouse on the island of Paros. A longtime collector, she took the values that built her travel publicity business—sustainability, cultural appreciation, delight in special places, people, and things—and applied them to enjoying life at home instead. Rather than zipping through airports to visit her hospitality clients around the globe, she started culling objects to create gems she would use in her own space—and subsequently shared the mini masterpieces with clients in Greece who were searching for non-cookie-cutter accents for their hotels and villas, in a year where they didn’t have access to the normal trade fairs. 

What started as a break became a business and Anthologist, an interiors concept line, was born. “Being a collector gives you perspective on cultivating special things versus just buying out of need. If anything, this year taught us that we need more treasures and fewer things," says Mitsakos.

Mitsakos has a larger goal than surrounding herself—and her clients—with magic. "If we don’t support these artisans and traditional methods, then these trades will die," she says. "Cultural preservation is the new sustainability.” 


While we are re-defining retail in our three, bricks-n-mortar locations in Greece, we are first and foremost, an architect of stories, which is how each and every objects comes to be. “Sometimes the story comes before I even design an object,” said founder, Andria Mitsakos, whose hospitality background fueled her love for creating the brand and its various narratives.

By conceptualizing, creating, connecting and communicating stories in the hospitality industry, much like an editor determining the content of a magazine, Anthologist orchestrates the creative process for small to mid-sized hospitality venues, interior designers and architects, through historic research, storytelling, and sourcing evocative objects that create the relevant mood.

With our global reach, vast and varied experience in storytelling in the worlds of media and design, and commitment to supporting artisans and preserving artifacts, we narrate the story each space yearns to tell. It’s an interactive—and for us, almost obsessive—process of listening, engaging, designing, sourcing, crafting; all of which are necessary to tell an authentic story.

Every brand needs a compelling story to thrive. Anthologist is here to craft it—and share it—so that yours captures the world’s imagination.

“You don’t need many things,

just special things.”

– Anthologist Founder, Andria Mitsakos



Cultural Preservation. Artisanal Craft. Authenticity.