“Authenticity is the soul of hospitality.”   

Andria Mitsakos, Founder, Anthologist

An inspiration-to-implementation concept creator for hotels, restaurants, and other atmospheric hospitality venues. A secret-source shop for design aficionados. A positive-impact brand inspired by authentic experiences and one-of-a-kind places. Anthologist is all of the above, and a master class in the art of using objects to tell a story. 

An architect of stories, Anthologist is a company that specializes in conceptualizing, creating, connecting and communicating stories in the hospitality industry.

Much like an editor determining the content of a magazine, Anthologist orchestrates the creative process for small to mid-sized hospitality venues, through historic research, storytelling, and sourcing evocative objects that create the relevant mood.

With our global reach, vast and varied experience in storytelling in the worlds of media and design, and commitment to supporting artisans and preserving artifacts, we narrate the story each space yearns to tell. It’s an interactive—and for us, almost obsessive—process of listening, engaging, designing, sourcing, crafting; all of which are necessary to tell an authentic story.

Every brand needs a compelling story to thrive. Anthologist is here to craft it—and share it—so that yours captures the world’s imagination.   



Soul. Authenticity. Craft.