The Year of the Dragon

As we embrace the vibrant spirit of the Year of the Dragon, we’re thrilled to share an extraordinary fusion of creativity and tradition. Anthologist has embarked on a unique collaboration with Valsamakis Ceramics, renowned for their exquisite craftsmanship, to mark this auspicious year. This partnership celebrates the mythical elegance and power of the dragon, an enduring symbol of strength and fortune.

In the heart of this celebration, we also have a special addition to our stuffed toy collection: Elliott, The Flying Dragon. Crafted with love and imagination, Elliott is not just a stuffed toy but a companion for adventures and a keepsake of magical memories. Designed to inspire and enchant, Elliott embodies the daring spirit and majestic grace of the dragon, making it the perfect emblem for this year’s celebrations.

Let’s soar into the Year of the Dragon with joy, creativity, and the shared warmth of new beginnings.

Anthologist Launches Collaboration with Valsamakis Ceramics in Celebration of The Year of the Dragon

In an inspiring collaboration with Athens-based Valsamkais Ceramics, we proudly present our exclusive Year of the Dragon Tile. This remarkable piece is the brainchild of our founder, Andria, who drew inspiration from a sketch crafted by the renowned late ceramicist, Panos Valsamakis, during the 1970s.

Originally a majestic hippocampus in Panos’s vision, Andria’s passion for mythical creatures led her to reimagine it as a magnificent dragon. Guiding the talented artisans at Valsamkais, she envisioned wings and feet for this incredible creation. Today, our Year of the Dragon Tile stands as a symbol of strength and power, perfectly aligned with the spirit of 2024.



This versatile tile can serve as both a stunning wall decoration and a practical trivet for your hot pots of food when you gather with friends and family to adorn your dining table.

Unframed tiles can also be ordered in custom designs. 

Elliott, The Flying Dragon

Transport yourself into a world of wonder and enchantment with Elliott, our whimsical creation inspired by the cherished imaginary friend of our founder’s childhood – a flying dragon named Elliott. This mystical companion accompanied her on journeys across the globe, offering protection and solace when needed most. And now, he’s ready to embark on new adventures by your side.

Crafted with love and care, each Elliott is a testament to the imagination of our founder, Andria. Every detail is meticulously designed, and every thread is a testament to the magical memories of childhood adventures. But it doesn’t stop there. Elliott comes to life through the hands of our skilled artisan partners in Mexico, where creativity and tradition blend seamlessly.

Using the age-old technique of hand-weaving, our artisans breathe life into Elliott. They carefully select and hand-dye boiled wool threads with extracts from vegetables and plants, infusing each creation with the vibrant colors of nature itself. The result? A one-of-a-kind masterpiece that radiates both artistry and eco-consciousness.

Elliott isn’t just a product; he’s a piece of art, a companion, and a reminder of the magic that can be found in the everyday. So, as you embark on your modern-day adventures, let Elliott join you – a faithful friend, a symbol of creativity, and a handcrafted treasure that’s as unique as the memories you’ll create together.


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