Vintage Revival with Andria Mitsakos

A Journey Through Time with Andria Mitsakos

Welcome to a New Year of Timeless Elegance at Anthologist

As we embrace the start of 2024, Anthologist, under the visionary guidance of Andria Mitsakos, opens its doors to a unique blend of past and present. Join us in exploring a curated world that seamlessly weaves historical charm with contemporary flair.

Rediscover the 1970s: A Timeless Treasure Trove

Celebrating her 50th birthday, Andria Mitsakos delved into the alluring world of the 1970s. Inspired by her mother’s collection of Architectural Digests, Andria reimagines this vibrant era through Anthologist’s lens. From chic modular sofas to Tobias Scarpa tables, and vintage carpets from Tehran, each piece echoes a time when design was both a statement and a lifestyle.

“Proper 1970s style provides a way to do contemporary for today’s lifestyle. I love it.”

Antiques and Heirlooms: The Heart of Sustainable Elegance

At Anthologist, antiques are more than mere objects; they are narratives and legacies embodying sustainable elegance. Each piece celebrates eco-conscious living, championing a movement that reduces waste and conserves resources. By embracing antiques, you’re not just acquiring an item; you’re preserving a story and an art form.

“Antiques are a tangible cultural legacy. They can be passed on generation to generation. By favoring older items, we limit our consumption of resources and preserve the history and craftsmanship of the past.”

Analog Accents: A Nostalgic Touch in a Digital World

In a digital-dominated era, the Andria’s brass letter opener stands as a symbol of the beauty in analog. If you incorporate functional objects into your home decor, they don’t just become conversation starters, they they add to the exceptional beauty of an environment no one but you could have created.

“When I designed our brass letter opener, a friend said to me, “Is someone is actually going to buy that? Who gets letters? Who sends letters” I do both, I responded. And it’s been a best seller since our launch. An analog world inspires nostalgia and beauty, but also functions in a meaningful and unique way.”

Artisanal Glass: A Tribute to Cultural Heritage

Inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Andria explores the art of stained glass and collaborates with Greek artisans. From furniture to decorative objects, these creations not only promote sustainability but also help preserve the artistry of a craft at risk of disappearing.

Fashion as Decor: A Maximalist’s Dream

Andria’s approach to décor is a celebration of textures and colors. By integrating textiles like antique kimonos or nomadic jackets, she introduces a dynamic and versatile element to interior design. 

I’ve been called a maximalist in my aesthetic. I prefer to think of it as always making sure an environment has something for the eye to sing with; the rhythm of the eye moves to texture and color, then translates that happy message to the brain. Textiles do this for me—both in the traditional sense of hanging a carpet on the wall, but why not toss an antique kimono or nomadic jacket into the mix.” 

Embrace Whimsy and Humor in Design

Andria believes in the power of humor and whimsy in design. Following her mother’s footsteps, she infuses a sense of whimsy into her creations, including a popular line of stuffed animals that adds a joyful touch to any room.

“I never thought that at the age of 50 that I would be designing stuffed animals, but they have become so popular, I keep adding favorites to the collection. They are one of our best sellers.” 


Join Us on This Journey of Discovery

Anthologist invites you to explore this enchanting blend of past and present. Discover our exclusive collection, each piece telling a unique story and carrying a rich heritage. Shop online, reach out to us at athens@anthologist.com, or visit our Athens showroom by appointment.

Join us in this journey where history meets style, and every piece tells a story.

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