Year of the Dragon Tile: Limited Edition Collaboration with Valsamakis Ceramics


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In an inspiring collaboration with Athens-based Valsamkais Ceramics, we proudly present our exclusive Year of the Dragon Tile. This remarkable piece is the brainchild of our founder, Andria, who drew inspiration from a sketch crafted by the renowned late ceramicist, Panos Valsamakis, during the 1970s.

Originally a majestic hippocampus in Panos’s vision, Andria’s passion for mythical creatures led her to reimagine it as a magnificent dragon. Guiding the talented artisans at Valsamkais, she envisioned wings and feet for this incredible creation. Today, our Year of the Dragon Tile stands as a symbol of strength and power, perfectly aligned with the spirit of 2024.

This versatile tile can serve as both a stunning wall decoration and a practical trivet for your hot pots of food when you gather with friends and family to adorn your dining table.

Unframed tiles can also be ordered in custom designs. 


  • Ceramic made from red clay, non-lead paint and reclaimed wood frame.
  • Size: 7″ H x 7″ W (18cm H x 18cm W)
  • Made in Athens, Greece

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