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Embark on a voyage to the enchanting depths of mythology and artistry with Oscar, a captivating creation inspired by the mystical symbolism of the octopus. Revered across cultures and ages, the octopus embodies profound meanings, from protection to the expansion of the universe. Now, this extraordinary creature emerges as your whimsical companion – Oscar the Octopus.

In ancient Minoan art, the octopus unfurls its tendrils, a symbol of the universe’s creation and boundless growth. Oscar carries this ancient wisdom into the modern world, infusing it with vibrant symbolism and artistic grace, encapsulating both myth and imagination.

At the heart of Oscar’s origin lies a tribute to the awe-inspiring logo of a Minoan artifact, a symbol of the enduring connection between art and mysticism. The octopus has long held a revered place in the tapestry of human history, a symbol of ingenuity, protection, and the ever-expanding cosmos. Oscar breathes new life into this tradition, inviting you to embark on a journey of artistic discovery.

Crafted with meticulous care and a passion for storytelling, Oscar is a masterpiece in the making. Born from the creative brilliance of our founder, Andria, and brought to life by skilled artisans who share her vision, Oscar embodies the essence of artistry itself.

Oscar’s journey begins with the selection of the finest materials, where wool threads are hand-woven and hand-dyed using nature’s own palette. This process imbues him with the rich colors of the universe, creating a work of art that shimmers with every hue.

But Oscar is more than a work of art; he’s a guardian, a storyteller, and a bearer of ancient wisdom. As you navigate your own modern-day odyssey, let Oscar accompany you – a reminder that symbolism and artistry thrive in the ever-expanding canvas of existence. With him by your side, every moment becomes a testament to creativity, wonder, and the boundless mysteries of the universe.

Other animals can be created upon request, please email us.


  • Wool
  • Dimensions: 9″H or 5″H seated x 9″W x 2″D (23cmH or 13cmH seated x 23cmW x 5cmD)
  • Wipe with damp cloth. Dry in sun.
  • Made in Mexico.

Many of our items are custom made to order. Please allow three to five weeks for delivery depending on the item. 

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