Panito the Goat, Blue


Panito’s Story (he deserves more than a Haiku.)

It started in a village
Way down south in Mexico
From artisans who craft by hand
Weaving vibrant colors as they go

The menagerie is created slowly
Each animal made with soul
Then set free into the world
Let the journey define their role

A young goat and his bright beard
Antlers pink, high and proud 
His hooves primed for a trek
Yet his head still in the clouds

Buenos dias, he said out loud
As he hopped eagerly off the plane
Into a land that was familiar
But somehow not the same

He set off with courage
To discover something new
Perhaps there will be some tequila? 
Or even a new love, or two?

Wandering steep hills and green valleys
He drank from deep blue streams
Are there others like me here?
Will I find the love I see in dreams?

Then one day he was faced with quite a sight
The young goat stopped dead in his tracks
A herd of his kind gathered before him
Was this real or could it be a flashback? 

Bikini said the sign above
Now that’s my kind of place, he said
Bienvenidos, the herd shouted
And through the doorway he was led

Their fur was not like his
Their antlers basic and brown
“Am I misfit here,” he thought? 
But they gathered him around. 

Join us, they pleaded in unison
With your colors, you are strong, you can lead
“Me?” he said
Yes, they roused, then together, we will succeed! 

And so here in lies the tale 
Of Panito’s romantic story 
Named for the god of shepherds and his flocks
With Mallorca as his new territory

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Designed by Anthologist’s founder as a bespoke turn-down, VIP guest and retail item for Bikini Hotel Mallorca, Panito is handcrafted by a team of female artisans in Mexico using boiled wood thread, hand-woven and hand-dyed with vegetable and plant extracts. We love him everywhere, anytime.

Other animals can be created upon request, please email us.


  • Wool
  • Dimensions: 11”H x 8”W x 5”D (28cmH x 20cmW x 13cmD)
  • Wipe with damp cloth. Dry in sun.
  • Made in Mexico.

Many of our items are custom made to order. Please allow three to five weeks for delivery depending on the item. 

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Weight .5 lbs

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