Andria Mitsakos has made it her mission to cultivate, curate, and celebrate unique places and experiences.

Currently based under the shadow of the Acropolis and the Cycladic island of Paros, Andria has lived in New York, Miami, Mexico, and Paris, and created concepts and environments for hotels on islands in Greece and the Caribbean, restaurants in Dubai and shops from Miami to Mykonos.

A hospitality PR legend (and founder of AMPR), Andria is a passionate curator of objects that stir the soul. She has commissioned artisans to craft furniture in Mexico, Santo Domingo, and Athens in order to produce just the pieces she needed for hotels that inspire nostalgia, designed jewelry modeled on ancient treasures she picked up in Sri Lankan bazaars, New England antique stands, and Athenian flea markets, and set the styles for entire seasons with her pop-up boutiques and concept stores. And you do not want to come between her and an embroidery made with love by a long-ago artisan time has forgotten but Andria is still celebrating.

Andria believes the world is wide and full of wonder, and strives to create environments that celebrate the authentic ambience of a place she loves, in order to inspire that same joy in others. The original Anthologist, she feels every place, person, and object has a story—and she’s here to help tell them.