A passionate collector of objects that stir the soul, Andria Mitsakos has made it her mission to cultivate, curate, and celebrate the spirit of ancient cultures while creating forward-looking experiences.

With homes in the foothills of the Acropolis in Athens and the Cycladic island of Paros, her spaces are filled with art and curios spilling with stories from all over the world. She's lived in New York, Miami, Mexico, Paris, and has created concepts and environments for hotels on European islands and the Caribbean, restaurants in Dubai and shops from Miami to Mykonos. 

As founder of AMPR, Andria has gained a global reputation for creating standard-setting hospitality brands. Prizing originality and authenticity, she brings magic to every project, and enriches every aspect of the storytelling. As a creative director, she's commissioned hard-to-find artisans in Mexico, Santo Domingo and Athens to create one-off furniture, and introduce a human touch to interiors while showcasing age-old arts at risk of being lost. 

Andria’s taste in design, craft and style and unfaltering attention to detail are legendary. Accessorizing hotel spaces, her engaging and considered edits of objects inspire emotion, nostalgia, and a tactile connection. Picking up ancient and rare treasures in Sri Lankan bazaars, New England antique stands, and Athenian flea markets, have inspired her to model coveted, one-off creations and open pop-up boutiques and concept stores which set styles for the season. And you do not want to come between her and a rare sample of embroidery made with love by a long-ago artisan that time has forgotten but Andria is still celebrating.

Andria believes the world is wide and full of wonder, and strives to create environments that bring to life the authentic ambience of a place she loves, so as to spark that same joy and meaningful memories for others. The original Anthologist, she feels every place, person, and object has a story—and she’s here to help tell those tales.