Vintage, Up-Cycled Tagari Bag


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This bag is an authentic, vintage tagari handmade in Greece. Every tagari in our collection is sourced by Anthologist’s founder and creative director, Andria Mitsakos, who selects them for their colors and patterns, using her unparalleled eye for design. Once chosen, they are up-cycled with the addition of Italian leather and hand-finished hardware.

Andria loves the seasonless functionality of this bag, perfect for a hike, a trip to the beach, filled with your favorite travel essentials and toted on a summer adventure, or worn cross-body over a coat in winter. Tagari bags were traditionally carried in the countryside of Greece and surrounding countries during the 1940s and 1950s. Used to transport food and other goods as people went about their day’s work, they were beloved for their durability and instantly recognized by their striking, colorful, and often geometric prints.

Today, Andria resurrects this classic for Anthologist, maintaining the soul of each bag’s heritage while adding modern-day appeal to make the tagari essential for a new generation.

Wool with leather, adjustable strap
Unlined, handwoven vintage textile.
Made in Greece

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