The Limited-Edition Anthologist Candle


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Sensual, rich, exotic, and thought-provoking, the Anthologist scent is making love by the sea on a deserted Cycladic beach…or talking for hours that seem like minutes by the fireplace of a grand hotel, nursing glasses of red wine.

A transitional fragrance that works as well in summer as it does in winter, it is provocative but languid, something that you put on en route to what will only be a very long lunch…its scent rising to its climax as the moon rises in the early evening’s sky.

Timeless as incense that wafted through temples and palaces of ancient royalty, Anthologist evokes a beautiful memory even as one is being made. It’s a fragrance as stirring and soulful as a life well-lived, meant for a spirit well-loved.

Utilizing blown glass inspired by Greece’s Hellenistic Period—which ranged from 1525 BC to 50 BC—the Anthologist Candle’s vessel is hand-blown by one of Greece’s last glassware maestros.

The brass top is hand-made by our foundry partner in Athens, using ancient methods of metalwork, and features Anthologist’s logo.

The scent was created with our Florentine parfumeur partner, with Andria’s direction.

Notes: Amber, mandarin, jasmine, leather, tuberose, sandalwood 


  • Hand-blown glass and brass top
  • Size: 3.5″ H x 4″ D (9cm H x 10cm D)
  • Weight: 2lbs (925gr)
  • Made in Greece and Italy

Many of our items are custom made to order. Please allow three to five weeks for delivery depending on the item. 

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Weight .264 lbs

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