Anthologist Ceramic Candlestick White Clay + Petroleum Blue


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Our founder’s affinity for candlelight inspired these new pieces, launched for this season. Each hand-shaped candlestick showcases our signature, hand-painted motif commissioned by our founder. Poetic, simple and primitive in style, each piece is handcrafted in an Athens workshop and showcase our classic styles in a true petroleum blue. “It’s as if the sky and the sea fell in love,” said Anthologist Founder Andria Mitsakos of the hand-mixed hue “which took many trials to perfect.”


  • White Clay
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Food safe
  • Dimensions: 15cm H x 3cm Top Diameter x 11cm Plate Diameter
  • Made in Athens, Greece.

Many of our items are custom made to order. Please allow three to five weeks for delivery depending on the item. 

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