Anthologist Blue Bud Vase


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A magical blend of blues, this one-of-a-kind bud vase is perfect for a single blossom. “My mother, Stella, always had a few bud vases by the kitchen sink and on the windowsill and fills them with a snip of this or that from her garden,” says Andria. “So this is a tribute to her. This blue is everything to me.”

Art directed by our founder, and created by one of Greece’s last remaining glass blowing studios, the Anthologist Blown Glass Collection collection is a tribute to time-honored craft of glass work.

Each is one-of-a-kind, with colors that showcase the various minerals added to the glass while it is being crafted. Some imperfections are normal, and part of the glassmaking process.


When adding hot water or another liquid, it is advised to insert a metal spoon to conduct the heat in order to avoid breakage.

  • Hand-blown glass
  • Hand wash with mild dish soap
  • Size: 6.30″ (16cm)
  • Made in Greece

Size and colors vary. Many of our items are custom made to order. Please allow three to five weeks for delivery depending on the item. 

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Weight .264 lbs

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